Emergency Response Oversight

When an emergency occurs, many of our key clients depend on PPM to be on the scene to protect their interests. The nature of an emergency response incident requires a unique blend of skills to protect human health and the environment, minimize potential liabilities associated with offsite impact, and control costs. PPM routinely provides the following professional assistance on such incidents to business, industry, and government:


  • Coordination with local emergency responders and environmental agencies
  • Communication management with area residents and the media
  • Cost control oversight
  • Insurance company coordination
  • Expedited delineation of the extent of surface, soil and groundwater impact
  • Emergency design and installation of soil and groundwater remediation systems
  • Turnkey emergency response
  • Leveraging of available government funds designated for emergency response incidents

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Project Highlight

Upon discovery of strong gasoline odors in a creek, the State Police shut down four city blocks and all businesses in the area affected. PPM was retained to delineate the extent of impact and implement emergency remedial actions. Initial remedial actions included installation of three wells and an interceptor trench. Two vacuum trucks were then mobilized to extract free product from the subsurface, while smaller vacuum trucks were used to remove water and product flushed through impacted storm sewers. Approximately 1,500 gallons of free product were removed by these actions, and booms and sorbent pads were used to collect and impede the flow of free product into the creek. Once product migration was under control and vapor concentrations in the storm sewer were in decline, PPM mobilized a skid-mounted vacuum pump equipped with an air stripper to provide free product recovery. Within a two-day period, PPM then mobilized, installed and implemented long-term corrective action utilizing Dual-Phase Vacuum Extraction (DPVE). The street was opened for public use three days after the incident was first reported.