Environmental Management Systems and Compliance Audits


PPM Consultants recognizes that a company’s best protection against environmental liabilities is to avoid the conditions that create them in the first place. PPM Consultants provides facility-specific environmental compliance audits within the framework of applicable local, state, and federal regulations.



What Is An Environmental Compliance Audit?


An environmental compliance audit reviews a business’s meeting of environmental standards set by the government, law, or industry. In an audit, the conditions of the business practices are examined and compared to compliance laws and regulations. If there are practices that are not being met or followed, corrective action is suggested in a detailed report.


The goal of an environmental compliance audit is not to get you in trouble. It’s to help you create a better business and to avoid future problems. There are many moving parts related to these kinds of audits, so you’ll want to make sure you hire a company you trust to take care of these services for you.



What Is An Environmental Management System?


For some industries (like manufacturing and automotive factories), one of the environmental compliance standards you meet is the ISO 14001:2015 standard. The ISO 14001:2015 is a standard that facilitates creating an Environmental Management Systems (EMS) document for your business.


To put it simply, a business’ EMS is a document developed to outline the specific set of goals and practices a business partakes in that reduces environmental impact. Some of the different sections of an EMS outline:


  • Environmental goals of the organization or business
  • Current environmental impact and legal compliance
  • Specific objectives and action items to take to reduce environmental impact and meet legal requirements and environmental compliance standards
  • How those objectives and action items will be established and implemented
  • Plans for monitoring and measuring progress and success
  • How and where future adjustments might be required



How PPM Consultants Can Help With Your EMS and Environmental Compliance Audit


Our Environmental Management Systems (EMS) services are designed to develop or enhance a current EMS to help our clients effectively manage current compliance and cost issues while helping them plan intelligent business strategies for the future. PPM’s environmental compliance audits are comprehensive and targeted to address all industry-specific issues relevant to the audited businesses. Findings from these audits are provided in clear and concise reports.

Specific services we offer include:


  • Commercial and Industrial Environmental Compliance Audits
  • Environmental Management Systems Auditing, Training and Design, including ISO
  • Risk Mitigation and Management
  • Environmental Strategic Planning
  • Environmental Compliance Training
  • Environmental Compliance Testing
  • Environmental Compliance Updates



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