EPA shuts down another six coal plants

A joint lawsuit brought against Alliant Energy by environmentalists and the Environmental Protection Agency has just reached a settlement. The lawsuit, which accused Alliant's Iowa subsidiary of violating the Clean Air Act, ended with a settlement requiring the company to pay $7.1 million to environmental projects. More importantly, however, the settlement requires Alliant to either shut down six of its coal plants, or upgrade them to run entirely on cleaner energy sources like natural gas.

This lawsuit is part of the Sierra Club's "Beyond Coal Campaign," a movement started in 2010 with the goal of shutting down a third of America's 500 coal plants by the year 2020. This settlement has seen the number of plants shut down reach 200, meaning that the Beyond Coal Campaign has already hit its initial objectives.

One of the campaign's main supporters is former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who has already donated $80 million. Speaking to this latest settlement, Bloomberg commented that "Every step we take to reduce coal use helps Americans breathe easier, and the 200th coal plant to announce its retirement since the launch of the Beyond Coal Campaign is a great milestone for public health and for the environment."

Ultimately, the Sierra Club wants the United States to get the entirety of its energy from clean sources, including wind, solar, and natural gas. 

The EPA moves swiftly when it comes to enforcing regulations and developing new policies. Hiring environmental consultants can help you better understand the latest environmental trends and regulations, as well as find quick and cost effective ways to adjust your business to meet them.