Municipal Well Siting

img_waterPopulation growth and drought conditions in recent years have left many water systems scrambling to find new groundwater sources to meet the increasing demand. Finding a reliable groundwater source is never easy, and many water systems are seeking new ways to increase their odds of finding productive groundwater sources before costly drilling begins.

As one of the largest groundwater consultants in the Southeast, our team of environmental consultants and environmental engineeres has the experience to help you narrow the field of potential well locations to those most likely to produce.  Our geologists and environmental engineers use a combination of techniques, including geologic mapping, lineament analysis, and electrical resistivity imaging to increase your odds of success, often at a fraction of the cost associated with drilling a test well.  PPM’s practical approach to well siting typically includes:

Phase I:  Desktop Review

  • Review of existing well logs, geologic maps, water quality, and water resource data in your area
  • Evaluation of practical constraints to siting a well, such as property ownership; distance to existing or proposed water towers, treatment plants, and existing service lines; topography; and proposed future land use.
  • Selection of general areas of interest

Phase II:  Detailed Analysis

  • Field geologic mapping to select the most desirable geologic formations
  • Review of satellite imagery and lineament analysis to identify rock fracture orientations that might represent zones of  recharge and/or water storage
  • Selection of  recommended locations for further analysis
  • Electrical resistivity imaging in the selected areas to identify the location, depth, and configuration of voids/solution cavities that might store large quantities of water

Phase III:  Report Preparation

  • Preparation of a report that presents recommended well location(s), with supporting data and rationale for the recommendation
  • Presentation of findings to water system

Your customers are depending on you for a sustainable water supply. You can depend on PPM Consultants to deliver the technical support to help find groundwater resources to meet that demand.