PPM Celebrates Milestone Employee Anniversaries

One of the defining characteristics of PPM is our long-service employees. In fact, 64 percent of our team have been part of the PPM family for five years or more, and 42 percent have been with us ten or more years! We believe this is a testament to the quality of our team and the integrity of our culture.

This month, our offices took a moment to celebrate some milestones with the folks who have made PPM the firm that it is. Join us in congratulating these team members and thanking them for their exceptional work and dedication!


We had the privilege of recognizing Cindy Stevens for twenty years of service. Cindy shared with us some thoughts and favorite memories from her time with PPM.

How did you initially come to join PPM?

I responded to an ad in the Mobile Press-Register.  I interviewed with Keith at the office, which was sparsely furnished with a 5’ folding table and metal folding chairs.

What is your funniest/best memory of working here?   

In August of 2008 we moved from our Montrose office into our brand new building in Spanish Fort.   It was like we hit the jackpot.  Our office is simply beautiful.  It is spacious, perfectly decorated (thanks Janet), comfortable and well laid out.

We have woods on three sides with plenty of wildlife.  You can walk along the back of the property and find tracks from deer and other animals.  Keith has five or six bird feeders outside of his window and he can identify any and every bird that visits.   It is fun to see him trap squirrels, possums, and raccoons which are annoying the birds.  He takes them off the premises and releases them back into the wild so they will not be a nuisance to our feathered friends.

Perhaps the most notable animal stories involve snakes.  We have many snakes.  If you let Keith know that you see one outside of your window, don’t be surprised to see him run out with a broom, pin it down, pick it up by the back of its head, identify it and hold it up proudly for all to see…good times!

What have you been most surprised by?

How quickly 20 years have gone by.

If you could give your younger, new-hire self any piece of advice, what would it be?

To spend more time outside of the office with my workmates.  They are all incredible people, and I should take time to get to know all of them better.

Why have you chosen to spend 20 years with PPM?   

PPM is my second family.  Why would I leave?


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