Environmental Consulting for Retail UST Industry

Owners of underground and aboveground storage tanks (USTs and ASTs), such as convenience stores and fuel distributors, are increasingly on the radar screen of federal, state and local agencies, necessitating an unprecedented level of attention to maintaining compliance with environmental regulations.

Helping petroleum marketers manage these issues has been a key part of our business since the inception of our firm and today, PPM is the largest UST consultant in many southeastern states. UST operators turn to us to provide a wide array of environmental consulting services, including:

Tank Management and Compliance

UST and AST management has always been core competency for PPM. We have completed thousands of UST and AST projects throughout a 15-state region and much of this work has been completed under state-administered trust fund programs, giving us broad experience working with public-sector stakeholders and meeting all pertinent regulatory compliance requirements. We also have a proven ability to work with regulators to complete permitting processes in a timely manner.

PPM can perform compliance and risk assessments, prepare site-specific tank management plans, assist with tank closure planning and carry out any emergency response or remediation operations that are required in a contingency.

SPCC/Response Plans

Facilities with bulk oil storage capacity are required to maintain a comprehensive Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasure (SPCC) Plan. Even if your facility has never had a spill, the minimum fine for having no SPCC Plan in place is $1,500 per day.

We believe that any effective response begins with preparation, which includes having a plan that is specifically designed for your facility and making sure your employees are properly trained to carry out the plan. In addition to SPCC Plans, PPM can help you prepare other response plans that are needed to address regulatory requirements and practical considerations.

Our deep knowledge base, gained through years of experience, allows us to develop plans that can be easily implemented and will be effective.¬†Of course, even the best laid plans may not be able to prevent your facility from ever experiencing a contingency. That’s why PPM also offers a full range of services necessary for reporting, assessing and responding to a release of oil.

Emergency Response

When an emergency occurs, many of our clients depend on PPM to be on the scene to protect their interests. The nature of an emergency response incident requires a unique blend of skills to protect human health and the environment, minimize potential liabilities and control costs. PPM routinely provides the following professional assistance on such incidents to clients business, industry, and government:

  • Coordination with local emergency responders and environmental agencies
  • Communication management with area residents and the media
  • Cost control oversight
  • Insurance company coordination
  • Expedited delineation of the extent of surface, soil and groundwater impact
  • Emergency design and installation of soil and groundwater remediation systems
  • Turnkey emergency response
  • Leveraging of available government funds designated for emergency response incidents



PPM is capable of applying a wide variety of innovative technologies to assess the extent of hydrocarbon impact to soil and groundwater within a single field event. We strive to approach these projects in a way that minimizes the costs for our clients by limiting the number of mobilizations required to gather data and bring closure to a site. PPM is a leader in developing site-specific corrective action limits, which typically demand less extensive remediation work than generic limits.


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