Security/Vulnerability Assessments

sva_picThe EPA has mandated that all drinking water systems that serve a population greater than 3,300 provide certification that a Vulnerability Assessment (VA) has been conducted. Vulnerability Assessments are designed to help utilities identify and defend potential threats to their critical assets, such as terrorist activities, vandalism, natural disasters, and system failures such as equipment and SCADA system outages. PPM has been trained in the RAM-WSM Vulnerability Assessment method and is qualified to use this protocol for security evaluations of water and wastewater utilities.

Services Include:

  • Planning with your utility for a Vulnerability Assessment
  • Identifying and prioritizing potential threats
  • Characterization of critical facilities and assets
  • Identifying the consequences of potential threats
  • Evaluating your current Physical Protection System (People, Equipment, Processes, Procedures, and SCADA systems)
  • Risk analysis and dealing with the consequences of threats
  • Risk reduction recommendations
  • Emergency Response Plan (ERP) Preparation
  • Technical Bulletins


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