SPCC/Response Plans and Training

Response to a release from a commercial or industrial facility begins with preparedness.  Preparedness is accomplished with the proper plan specifically developed for your facility and training.  PPM prepares SPCC Plans as well as other response plans (i.e. Emergency Response Plans, Facility Response Plans, Contingency Plans) that address regulatory requirements and practical consideration for the facility personnel who will respond to a release.  PPM’s staff have a wide range of practical and operational knowledge related to emergency response, and develop plans that are workable and can be easily implemented.  PPM’s services are further strengthened by our ability to provide training services to further assure compliance and a successful response to releases.  Should a release occur, PPM also offers the services necessary for reporting, responding and remediating the release.


Response Planning Services include:

  • Preparation of SPCC Plans, Coast Guard, and EPA required Response Plans, Integrated Contingency Plans, Hazardous Waste Contingency Plans and Emergency Response Plans
  • Release Notification and Reporting
  • Release Management Services
  • Release Assessment Services
  • Response Plan Training

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Project Highlight

As a Technical Service Provider to the Natural Resources Conservation Service, PPM has written hundreds of SPCC plans for facilities located throughout Louisiana, Texas and Oklahoma in accordance with NRCS Code 150; designed secondary containment structures in accordance with NRCS Code 710, and conducted certified AST inspections in accordance with STI SP-001 requirements. As part of this work, PPM provided engineering design and specification for the construction of secondary containment structures erected of cinder blocks, concrete, corrugated steel walls with 60-mil spray in liners, and earthen berms with 60-mil flexible liners as well as for double-wall tanks. As a value added service, PPM provided each producer a cost analysis on the various types of containment to help them decide which containment type would best serve their needs.