Asbestos, Lead, and Mold Studies

Asbestos and lead based paint can affect demolition and remodeling efforts in older structures, resulting in significant delays and cost overruns. PPM provide asbestos and lead inspections/surveys to a wide variety of commercial, governmental, and commercial clients before construction efforts begin.


Mold is also becoming an increasing problem for buildings and structures, especially those located in the Southeast where the climate is warm and humid for a large percentage of the year. PPM provides a wide range of services to address mold issues, including:


  • Visual Inspections and Assessments
  • Air sampling and development of work plans
  • Selection and oversight of mitigation and abatement contractors
  • Post-remediation testing


PPM provides our findings in a comprehensive report that addresses project scope, air sampling, findings and recommendations for abatement and prevention. PPM has performed mold assessment services for commercial businesses, governmental clients, and school systems.

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Project Highlight

A local school district requested PPM to conduct asbestos and mold surveys in each of their 24 school buildings. PPM completed the surveys over a 4-week period and provided a report and summary chart that allowed the client to easily understand the findings. PPM was then asked to prepare abatement plans on seven of the facilities that needed additional work. PPM worked with the school districts schedule and successfully completed the project. The school district has engaged PPM to provide an annual review and provide any recommendations to the school board concerning environmental impacts resulting from their operations.