Brownfields Redevelopment

PPM has extensive experience assisting local government and non-profit groups in identifying and preparing grant applications for redevelopment projects, master planning, project planning, community presentations and outreach activities, preparation of QA/QC Plans, environmental investigations, remediation, land revitalization, and myriad other components required for brownfields redevelopment. PPM understands brownfields redevelopment and land revitalization and has the expertise and technical capabilities to ensure a successful program.


Services offered include:

  • Program Assistance
  • Grant Application Assistance
  • Candidate Site Selection
  • Community Outreach and Education
  • Assessment Planning
  • QAPP Preparation
  • Regulatory Support
  • Phase I/II Environmental Site Assessments
  • Risk Assessment
  • Soil and Groundwater Remediation

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Project Highlight

Vicksburg, MS – Brownfield Assessment & Cleanup Grants (2) and MDEQ Brownfield Agreement

PPM was retained by the City of Vicksburg, Mississippi to manage and conduct environmental site assessments under their three-year US EPA Brownfields Assessment Grant. Services provided by PPM to the City under this grant included conducting brownfields inventories, preparing a Generic QAPP, completing site eligibility evaluations,  completing Phase I ESAs, preparing SSQAPPs, conducting Phase II ESAs, completing ABCAs, hosting public outreach meetings, and being responsible for EPA reporting, including ACRES database data collection and entry, quarterly reports, semi-annual reports, and annual reports.

A key project under this contract included the former  Kuhn Memorial Hospital, a dilapidated structure located in a residential area.  PPM assisted the City with navigating the complexities of surveying the extent of asbestos containing materials present in the buildings; preparing plans and specifications for asbestos abatement; soliciting contractor bids; removal of  an underground storage tank (UST), disposal of 5,000 gallons of weathered gasoline still remaining in the UST, and demolition of the buildings. PPM also helped the City secure two EPA Brownfield Cleanup Grants for the Kuhn property totaling $400,000.  PPM also worked with the Mississippi Development Authority (MDA) to secure pre-approval of up to $500,000 in leveraged funding using the MDA’s Capital Improvement Revolving Loan (CAP Loan) Program. PPM then assisted the City in negotiating a Brownfield Agreement with MDEQ (August 2018) which provided the City with liability protection.     

Project Highlight

PPM was awarded a brownfields contract by Escambia County, Florida to mitigate environmental issues at a former commercial property prior to redevelopment.  PPM conducted several phases of assessment to determine if soil and groundwater had been impacted by previous operations. Arsenic was detected in shallow soils, and PPM delineated the extent of impact, designed a remediation plan, and completed excavation of the impacted soils.   PPM assisted the County with achieving “No further Action” status and the site was redeveloped with an office complex. Escambia County received an EPA Brownfields Showcase Award for the successful redevelopment.