Colorado seeks sustainability as it breaks oil production records

Much of the news surrounding the domestic oil boom has come out of Texas, where producers are significantly ramping up production. But this is far from the only state where significant reserves of crude oil are being uncovered. Recently, Colorado has seen its production levels break records, presenting a much-needed boost to the state's economy.

The Denver Business Journal reports that Colorado energy companies produced 64.1 million barrels of oil in 2013, which is 30 percent higher than what was recorded in 2012, not to mention higher than any point in the past 60 years.

The state has made a significant effort to regulate its production, making sure that it is done in an environmentally sustainable manner.

Todd Martman, a spokesman for the Colorado Department of Natural Resources, told the news source that energy companies in the state "are producing these resources under one of the strongest regulatory regimes in the country."

"Carefully producing these important resources while fully protecting our communities and environment remains our focus," he added.

This is particularly true in Weld County, where two of Colorado's largest oil companies are responsible for uncovering 50 million barrels of oil—most of what was produced in the state in 2013.

If oil production in Colorado continues, it will remain a boon to the state's economy. Already, Colorado is expected to add 68,000 new net jobs this year, according to an article in the Denver Post. However, while this will benefit many people, it is important that the state continues to focus on the sustainability aspect of its production. By working with an environmental consultant, Colorado can avoid damaging environmental liabilities.