Environmental Compliance Audits

PPM recognizes that a company’s best protection against environmental liabilities is to avoid the conditions that create them in the first place. PPM provides facility-specific environmental compliance audits associated with the acquisition and divestiture of industrial and commercial facilities. PPM’s compliance audits are comprehensive and targeted to address all industry-specific issues relevant to the business being audited. Findings from these audits are provided in clear and concise reports.


Services that PPM Consultants offer in relation to Environmental Compliance Audits include:


  • Commercial and Industrial Environmental Compliance Audits
  • Risk Mitigation and Management
  • Environmental Strategic Planning

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Project Highlights

PPM was retained by a metals processing company to provide Integrated Environmental Management services at 19 locations in the U.S. and Canada.  Management of environmental compliance in multiple locations represented a significant challenge to the client due to the myriad air, water and waste regulations affecting the facilities; the lack of continuity in management approaches, and the number of consultants providing compliance assistance to the company.


PPM consolidated the environmental management for all facilities under a single contract and provided comprehensive compliance assistance for a fixed monthly fee.


PPM conducted an audit of each facility, a file review, and a regulatory applicability review to determine which regulations applied and the current compliance status of each facility. Site visits were conducted at numerous facilities and the plant managers engaged in the discussions.


PPM then developed a list of tasks that needed to be completed to ensure compliance, and created a compliance matrix and calendar to help manage compliance going forward. Permit applications and modifications were completed where necessary, and training was conducted where applicable. Multi-media compliance assistance was provided resulting in compliance with applicable air, water and waste regulations and a management system across all company operations, as well as greatly reducing compliance costs.

Project Highlights

PPM received a request to perform an environmental compliance audit from a national manufacturing firm. Initially, PPM met with site managers and reviewed the facility layout and production processes.


PPM then prepared a formal environmental compliance audit workplan which was implemented over a three month period. Upon completion of the inspections and review of the findings, PPM’s recommendations were implemented.