New PPM Simplifies Podcast

Join Todd Perry and a variety of PPM Consultant’s experts in discussing topics of current interest in the environmental field as they affect business and industry.

With each new episode PPM simplifies. A 15-20 minute podcast series, is dedicated to providing insight into the changing world of environmental consulting, topics will range from Air permitting, UST Compliance, Brownfields and many more and will feature experts across the PPM network of staff and offices. Anybody making environmental-related decisions, from petroleum marketers, industrial, manufacturing, commercial real estate, legal, and oil and gas/mining sectors, as well as local, state and federal government entities can gain invaluable knowledge from PPM Simplifies. In this series you will learn some of the solutions to the most common environmental issues and liabilities from experts across all markets and sectors.

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PPM Consultants is an environmental and engineering consulting firm providing services to industrial, commercial, and governmental clients. PPM has achieved steady growth and success by providing common sense and cost-effective solutions to our clients’ environmental issues.