Pennsylvania to invest in key water infrastructure

Water infrastructure is a crucial investment opportunity that can benefit the residents of municipalities for generations to come. This is especially true in areas of the country where people rely on particularly old infrastructure that may be prone to leaks, inefficiency or even outright failure. Given that much of the water pipes in the U.S. were first designed in the late 1800's and only periodically renovated after that, many municipalities are in this position. In fact, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency estimates that as much as $354 billion may be needed to revitalize the nation's water infrastructure.

That's why some states are pushing forward, trying to make those investments now that the economy has recovered and additional tax revenue is available for the purpose. For example, Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett recently announced that his administration would be making $41.7 million worth of loans available for water infrastructure projects.

"The investments that we make today in our environment and economy will improve the quality of life for Pennsylvanians in all corners of the Commonwealth," Corbett said in a statement.

In addition, the state is encouraging water companies like United Water to invest their own funds into improvement projects that will benefit their coverage areas and ensure that water supplies remain reliable, even during extreme natural disasters.

In environmental terms, it is important for states to have functioning infrastructure for both water and sewer resources. As they call for the building of pipes that are better resistant to leaks, state officials should work with environmental consultants to ensure reliability and safety.