Compliance for Manufacturers

PPM Simplifies
PPM Simplifies
Compliance for Manufacturers


Paul Hansen joins the podcast to talk with Todd Perry about compliance for Manufacturers. Paul is a project manager at PPM working from the Birmingham office. As an engineer he specializes in Environmental compliance for manufacturing. On this episode he shares some information and tips about what facilities can do to maintain compliance with environmental regulations.


Key Topics and Takeaways 

  • Why SPCC and BNP Checks are important
  • Why facility managers should always read their permits
  • The different types of emission factors
  • What to look for during permit renewal applications
  • Why data matters during permit applications
  • Synthetic Minor Permits
  • Title V Permits
  • Paul explains how to prepare a ‘spill plan’
  • Paul explains how to comply with universal waste laws
  • Paul explains how to prepare for an inspection


Links and Resources 

Operating Permits Issued Under the EPA 

True Minor and Synthetic Minor Sources via EPA 

Paul Hansen on LinkedIn

Todd Perry on LinkedIn


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