PPM Consultants Hires Annie Mcilwain as Project Manager

PPM Consultants hires Annie Mcilwain as project manager for the Jackson, Mississippi office. Mcilwain brings six years of experience addressing environmental and health and safety (EHS) compliance and due diligence issues throughout the Southeast.

Her expertise in the design and implementation of large stormwater systems in the petroleum sector has led her to success. Mcilwain’s project background includes stormwater system evaluation, permitting, compliance audits, and compliance programs.

Mcilwain said this when asked what the biggest hurdle is for our clients in regards to environmental compliance today, “I think many clients don’t recognize all the regulations that may be applicable to them.  Oftentimes, clients will ask for an air permit and not think once about looking into wastewater permits or plans or vice versa. When I visit a facility, I always try to make sure that they are addressing each applicable regulation – whether I’m there for a full audit or just one permit.”

Mcilwain holds a Bachelor of Science in civil engineering as well as a Master of Science in engineering science, civil and environmental engineering, all of which are from the University of Mississippi. She is a member of A&WMA, EWRI, and the MMA Steering Committee.