Senate committee passes bill cutting EPA funding by $400 million

This Thursday, the Senate Appropriations Committee pushed a $30 billion bill targeting the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)'s latest series of regulations.

The bill would cut funding for the EPA by approximately $400 million. The bill was pushed to the Senate floor with a 16-14 vote on the committee. Democratic Senator Barbara Mikulski, a senior member of the panel, indicated that her party was prepared to fight the bill should it come to the floor.

Although Democrats on the subcommittee offered several alternatives that would increase funding to certain programs while cutting back on the EPA's official stance on climate change, Republican members of the board rejected all the proposed alternatives.

The new bill specifically targets the Clean Air Act, the Clean Water Act, and the Endangered Species Act, and would significantly weaken them. Adding to this, the EPA would no longer be able to enforce carbon limits on power plants if the governments in the plants' home states oppose those regulations.

Senator Tom Udall, a Democrat member of the subcommittee said of the bill that "these riders are terrible policy. They're nothing more than a special interest giveaway to polluters. And they also have a proven track record of derailing the appropriations process."

Republicans on the subcommittee have pointed out that while the bill cuts back on the EPA's reach and power, it provides crucial funding to several key programs.

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