Source Water Assessments

img_waterAccording to State and Federal regulations, all public water systems in the State of Alabama are required to conduct a Source Water Assessment (SWA) for new groundwater sources.  The Alabama Department of Environmental Management (ADEM) requirements for a SWA Program include (1) a geologic and hydrologic evaluation of the area in which the groundwater source is located, (2) delineation of SWA area boundaries, and (3) an inventory of potential and known sources of groundwater contamination within the SWA areas.

The geology of Alabama is complex and requires several different strategies to conduct a Source Water Assessment. As one of the largest groundwater consultants in the Southeast, PPM geologists have decades of experience in dealing with the state’s geology, and we have conducted dozens of Source Water Assessment projects. We have the necessary skills to accomplish all that is needed in the Source Water Assessments to satisfy the requirements set by ADEM.

Services include:

  • Review of existing well logs, geologic maps, water quality, and water resource data in your area
  • Geologic mapping in your area
  • Lineament mapping and analysis of the area around your new well (or spring)
  • Physiographic and geographic descriptions of your region of the state
  • Description of the geology in your area
  • Testing the aquifer in which your well produces water
  • Dye-tracer studies of your aquifer
  • Water-level mapping in the vicinity of your well (or spring)
  • Hydrological analysis of the vicinity of your well (or spring)
  • Contaminant inventory within the Source Water Assessment area
  • Susceptibility analysis of the potential contaminant sources
  • Report preparation and submittal to ADEM

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