Soil and Groundwater Assessment

With over 25 percent of PPM’s workforce is comprised of geologists and hydrogeologists, PPM has evolved into a firm that excels in conducting site assessments. PPM is capable of providing extensive site investigative services ranging from small contamination assessments to remedial investigations at Superfund sites. PPM approaches all environmental site investigations with the same objectives in clear focus. These objectives include the collection of the minimal amount of data needed, in the fewest mobilizations necessary, to delineate the extent of impact while keeping costs to a minimum.


Services include: 

  • Contaminant Delineation
  • Development of Groundwater Monitoring Programs
  • Groundwater Quality Assessments
  • Geologic/Hydrogeologic Site Characterization and Aquifer Testing
  • Fate and Transport Modeling

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Project Highlight

PPM was retained to provide soil and groundwater assessment at an operating chemical storage and supply company prior to the sale of the facility.  Subsurface impact was found, and PPM assisted our client with navigating the numerous challenges associated with the presence of co-mingled constituents, a heterogeneous subsurface and a tight transaction closing date. PPM successfully delineated the extent of the impact, conducted a risk assessment at the site, and provided our client with guidance needed to make informed decisions for the property.

Project Highlight

PPM was retained to conduct environmental studies at a riverside property that had operated as a port since the late 1800s. The site had a long industrial history, including petroleum storage, chemical storage and transport, wood products manufacturing, and various other industries.  PPM installed 36 soil borings and temporary groundwater monitoring wells at the site to determine if soil and groundwater had been impacted by hazardous substances or petroleum products. Impact was found in several areas, and PPM was then retained to conduct a full assessment of the site, develop cleanup alternatives, prepare a cleanup plan, and enter the site into the state Voluntary Cleanup Program.  The findings from PPM’s studies were used to facilitate the sale of the property to a third party.